Cheap But Amazing Honeymoon Locations In Lagos: Unbelievable Experiences At Budget Friendly Prices.

We know you would probably have to spend a substantial amount on your dream wedding and an expensive honeymoon may leave you in an uncomfortable place financially. No one wants to start a marriage in debt. We recognize too that your honeymoon is extremely important in creating an intimate foundation between you and your partner. Hence we decided to compile this list of 3 amazing cheap honeymoon locations in Lagos to help you balance your budget and with a fun time with your partner.



1. Lekki; From ₦250,000/Honeymoon Week (Luxury Serviced Apartment, Cinema Tickets, Lekki Conservation Centre Tour, Beach Visits all Inclusive)

Note that all packages are fully customizable.

Seeing as Lekki is one of the top cities in Africa, you must be wondering how it makes the list of cheap honeymoon location in Lagos.  With just ₦250,000 – ₦300,000, you can have a mindblowing honeymoon week at Lekki: This includes one-week lodging in a luxury apartment, feeding, movies at the cinema, and even nature and park tours. We will tell you how;

Lekki is at the heart and centre of many great things in Lagos, boasting amazing clubs, beaches, restaurants, cinemas, malls, and parks. There’s hardly an experience you are looking to have that isn’t a few minutes away from you. There are multiple options for almost everything you want to do; the competition also makes pricing more affordable.

If you and your partner are movie lovers then you have the pick of cinemas like Film House iMax, Genesis Cinemas and Grand Cinemas to choose from. With movie pricing ranging from ₦1,000 on deal days to ₦2500 on weekends and ₦3,500 for blockbusters, it definitely wouldn’t be leaving a dent in your finances. You can watch a movie at the cinema every day of your honeymoon and still would have spent only ₦20,000 or less! Talk about cheap thrills. Did we mention that your luxury apartment comes with Premium DSTV, Netflix and WiFi? Talk about fun home and away.

Lekki has no shortage of top beaches too! Fitting examples are Atican beach, Lekki Leisure beach, and Elegushi beach. You can go to a different beach for each day of your honeymoon week and still not have been to them all. This means you and your partner can enjoy a relaxing fun time just hanging out at the beach. Depending on your budget, there are scores of activities to choose from some of which are free. You can go horse riding, play beach football and volleyball, and take a dip in the ocean to mention a few of the things you can do.

Food is a big part of your honeymoon, you and your partner may not want to spend so much time in the kitchen. The competition heating up between fast-food restaurants means you can order a standard meal from top restaurants like Mega Chicken, Chicken Republic, and The Place from as low as ₦650/person. The pricing is so unreal that it is almost criminal. Should you prefer to cook your magic too, the luxury apartment comes with a fully equipped kitchen and there is a wealth of mega marts selling groceries to choose from like ShopRite, Blenco, and Ebeano.

If you and your partner are art and nature enthusiasts, you’d have the greatest time touring Lekki Conservation Center, Nike Art Gallery, Lekki Art and Crafts market to mention a few of them.

While it is true that hotels in Lekki can be pricey and may not provide the kind of privacy for you and your partner to explore each other intimately, we have just the answer for you.

You and your partner can book a fully serviced apartment from ₦25,000 per day with Gidi Hotel Apartments. This not only provides you with privacy but also mind-blowing options to make your indoor stay with the boo an enjoyable one. These apartments have 24/7 electricity, Premium DSTV, Netflix, WiFi, and a fully functional kitchen. Should one of you be a skilled cook, you’d have a great time making your meals at the apartment (Send us a plate please).

With just ₦250,000 you and your partner can have a full honeymoon week featuring.

  • 7 days in a luxury studio apartment – ₦174,000 (Discounted)
  • OR 7 days in a luxury 1 Bedroom Apartment – ₦245,000
  • 7 days of fast food/cooking – ₦28,000
  • 3 days of movies –  ₦8,000 – ₦21, 000 (Depending on the cinema/if you go on a deal day)
  • 3 days beach visit – ₦18,000
  • 1 day at Lekki Conservation Center – ₦2000
  • 1 Day at Nike Art Gallery – Free
  • Shopping at circle mall – based on your budget
  • Shopping at Lennox mall – based on your budget

2. Lakowe Golf and Country Estate; From ₦300,000/Honeymoon Week (Luxury Serviced Apartment, LaCampagne Tropicana Daycation, Eleko Beach Visit)

Even in an iconic state like Lagos, Lakowe Lakes stands out as a gem. Chosen by many when nature, serenity, and intimacy is critically important, you can understand why Lakowe Lakes makes the list. For a city reputable for it;’s hustle and bustle, Lakowe Lakes is where Lagos makes you pause, enjoy this gift called life and all it offers you; including a lifetime of love with your partner. Unlike Lekki, Lakowe is not as busy, however, it is home to many amazing resorts, all within an hour from your luxury apartment in Lakowe. Just take look at this view

Spending your honeymoon at Lakowe Lakes guarantees the kind of exclusive experience that intimacy thrives on. When you book your honeymoon with Gidi getaways, you can take morning walks together; enjoying the sight, smell and feel of nature untainted. Take a bicycle tour of this nature’s haven and see the most amazing birds you could fathom. You and your partner can have romantic picnics by the many artistic lakes that litter the estate. You can try your hands on fishing, you get to keep what you catch.

Lakowe also has a wealth of activities available with fun locations like Eleko Beach, La Campagne Tropicana, Omu Resort all within minutes of the natural haven. For just ₦10,000 you and your partner can enjoy a mindblowing day at LaCampgne Tropicana featuring free horse rides, infinity swimming pool access, games like football, basketball, darts and board games. For an extra ₦2000, you and your boo can go Kayaking or on a canoe ride, To can dial it up many notches by going on a romantic boat cruise with the bae at just ₦20,000/10 minutes cruise.

Lakowe lakes also have a golf course where you and your partner can have a fun time learning to play golf. At just ₦25,000 per person for golf lessons, this may be the beginning of your journey to being the next Tiger Woods.

The limit really is your imagination. The saying you can’t eat your cake and have it may be true everywhere, but not in Lakowe.

Lakowe Budget Honeymoon Summary

  • 7 days in a luxury one-bedroom apartment (Premium DSTV, WiFi, Netflix, 22 Hours Power daily) – ₦245,000
  • Daycation for 2 at LaCampagne Tropicana: ₦10,000 (Horse riding, swimming, games, beach tour)
  • 2 Bicycles – ₦6000/day
  • Mega Picnic for 2 – ₦20,000
  • Kayaking for 2 – ₦2000
  • Golf lessons – ₦25,000/person

3. Other Locations: Eko Atlantic City (Premium)

None of the other locations can quite provide the same ambience, experience and activities on a small budget. Should you have a more luxurious budget you may want to consider honeymooning at Eko Atlantic City. Needless to say, booking a honeymoon at Eko Atlantic comes at a premium, the scenery, view, menu, and luxurious amenities are invaluable. A minimum budget of ₦1,200,000 will give you the very best taste of Eko Atlantic city with lodgings at the 5 star Pearl Towers, with access to a mindblowing view of the Atlantic Ocean and the seashores of Lagos. Your luxury apartment also comes with access to the amenities like the gym, the swimming pool, to mention a few. Below are some images to whet your appetite.

Eko Atlantic Summary

  • 7 days at a luxury Eko Peal Apartment with Gidi Hotel Apartment – ₦560,000
  • Meals for 2 with NippyDish: ₦200,000/Make your own meals: ₦100,000 – ₦150,000
  • A day at Landmark Beach – ₦10,000 – ₦50,000
  • Lunch/Dinner date day at the Eric Kaiser Restaurant – ₦40,000
  • Couples Boat Cruise (Lekki, Ikoyi, Banana Island sea tour) – ₦60,000/hour
  • A day at Terra Kulture – ₦30,000 – ₦100,000

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